Irina Bast, Still Life Yellow Flowers Mosaic Art 3D Painting Sculpture

I really dig this Still Life Yellow Flowers Mosaic 3D painting by Irina Bast. It is a 3D painting! OMG! She says, “I realized that I can create beauty not only with paints.”

She considers herself a multi-faceted artist and likes to experiment with materials.

She creates three-dimensional artworks with volumetric elements.
She works in two directions: acrylic paintings with decorative mosaic and wall sculpture art.
Her favorite techniques are acrylic and mosaic. She also add crystals, precious and semi-precious stones to make her artwork even more exquisite.

Irina is in the Saatchi Gallery. She lives and works in Kazakhstan. If you dig this as much as I do, here is my link to purchase.

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