Amoako Boafo, Self-Portrait With Pink Pants

Amoako Boafo art

I really dig this Self Portrait With Pink Pants painting by Amoako Boafo. Amoako has made recent headlines because Jeff Bezos sent two of his paintings off into space. [This wasn’t one of them]. He did this one in 2020.

I love this because I love his pink pants and he does these with his fingers on solid color backgrounds.

Amoako’s work is the first in the new Art x Space program, bringing commissioned works of art into space. On August 27th, three of his paintings were brought up on an unmanned aircraft The paintings detached from the capsule as the parachutes were deployed, and will be recovered on the desert floor.

Uplift Aerospace has pledged to make a charitable donation to Boafo’s chosen organizations: Little Big Souls, which supports preterm babies in Africa, and Love’s Closet Foundation, which provides healthcare and developmental assistance to children in Ghana.

Amoako is from Ghana, West Africa. He is also a semi-pro tennis player.

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