Alice Neel, Dana Gordon portrait

Alice Neel art

I really dig this portrait of a guy named Dana Gordon, by Alice Neel. I like the blues. I love how she’s captured his relaxed demeanor. [I don’t know Dana, but he looks very calm and cool]. It’s just a neat-looking portrait.

I had never heard of Alice Neel before, [she lived from 1900-1984]. I love her expressionist renderings of people. You feel like she is capturing their personalities and souls. She didn’t care for Impressionism, which was popular during her lifetime, choosing to go the complete opposite route. Realism and Expressionism.

She is known for her nudes. She depicts a female nude very differently than a male artist would. Sort of as a feminist, I guess. But, still, I just can’t help but ask, “Why?” They are not particularly flattering.

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