Brad Antifolk

This is a cool one! I know Brad! He was a friend of a guy I dated in high school. The relationship didn’t last, but little did I know Brad and I would reconnect years later and I would gain a top notch artist in my gallery from it! Check out the interview here.

I picked this one because I love dogs. This is actually a really sad one, though. This is his dog, Dingo, who he misses terribly. He says that Dingo was there for him and he hopes that he was there for Dingo. I do know his grief, but I can’t think of a better tribute.

He outlines all of his pieces in a heavy black because he says that his first introduction to art were coloring books and comic books. The outlines stuck with him. How cool is that?

All of his paintings are Acrylic on canvas, which he covers with a coat of Resin, which traps the ink and makes the colors pop.

Brad is a Saatchi artist. He lives and works in Texas. If you dig this like I do, here is my

320x50 Live & Travel with your Pet