The Absence: Fleming Museum of Art

Episode 193: Today I talk to Andrea Rosen from the Fleming Museum of Art at the University of Vermont. We talk about their current exhibition The Absence. In an age of Black Lives Matter, The Fleming has deemed some of the art in their collection offensive to members of their community, and are in the process of removing it. Andrea and I talk about that process as well as the potential ramifications of such removal.

All images used with permission.

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MyLoan Dinh, Constellation CLT

Episode 192: Today I talk with MyLoan Dinh about her recent Constellation CLT feature at the Mint Museum. We talk about her history as an immigrant and a woman of color and how they intertwine to create her present collection of art. You can check out more of her work at the Elder Gallery of Contemporary Art.

Collective History
Boom Boom Butterfly

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All images used with permission. c. Jeff Cravotta Photography

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Brian Scott Mednick, LIFE Magazine article

Episode 192: Today I chat with NYC author, Brian Scott Mednick. He, [and his book, Gene Wilder, Funny and Sad, was featured in the LIFE Magazine Special Edition celebrating the 50th anniversary of Willy Wonka. He is quoted extensively in the print version.

All images used with permission.

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Rod Wimer, Songs from a Pandemic

Episode 193: So my boyfriend and I went to one of our first exhibitions since CoVid, Songs from a Pandemic. My friend, Rod Wimer, like everyone else, found himself with a lot of extra time which he used to create beautiful paintings. Interestingly enough, this exhibition was planned pre-CoVid. All proceeds go to benefit Jonathan’s House for Orphans – Central African Republic and Ravens Uganda.

All photos used with permission.

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My chat with Louisiana artist, Frank Kelley Jr.

Episode 191: Today I chat with Louisiana artist, consultant and speaker, Frank Kelley. He is a businessman-turned artist. He’s got a lot of great insights about the artistic path. We talk about remembering what it was like when he wasn’t an artist and how that changes your perspective. We talk about what makes investment quality art, representational art vs. abstract art, and lots more.

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My studio visit with artist, Susan Macnamara

Episode 190: Today I get to visit Charlotte artist…and my neighbor… Susan Macnamara’s studio. She had always done art, but the pandemic really drove her to create. She started posting pictures of her pour art on our neighborhood page. Now she is doing “pours” onto LP records!

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My chat with Khalil Kinsey about The Kinsey Collection at the Tacoma Art Museum

Episode 189: Today I get to chat with curator, Khalil Kinsey of the Tacoma Art Museum about a traveling exhibition that is very personal to him. His parents have collected rare African-American art during their 50 year marriage. They have some really rare treasures and now The Kinsey Collection is touring. I get the inside scoop from Khalil on what it was like to grow up with these treasures as well as curate this exhibition.

Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral, Phyllis Wheatley

Untitled, Hale Woodruff

Cover Photo: The Cultivators, Samuel Dunson 2000

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My chat with Abstract Expressionist painter, Cheryl Johnson

Episode 188: Today I talk to Charlotte artist, Cheryl Johnson. I found her through an article on Joan Mitchell [posted below] and I knew I HAD to talk to her. Cheryl’s an abstract expressionist painter, photographer, sculptor, portraitist, and anything else she puts her mind to….and talented in all of her endeavors. She is a true renaissance woman.

CherylJohnson_ADMIRINGWOLFKAHN_Barn5_N°2018176_© 2017_ Pastel on sand Paper. 2017_14″ H X 11″W_CIE
Mon Amie (My Friend), Cheryl Johnson


All images used with permission.

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My chat with painter, photographer, Keli Reule

Episode 187: Today I catch up with now-Louisiana artist, Keli Reule [She was in Georgia when we last talked] She’s still doing cool stuff. We cover it all,  earning money,  switching gears. We get into some real deep, existential topics that she had a very informative and helpful perspective on.

She’s also got a solo exhibition at 801 Baronne St

Cinder, Keli Reule
Isle Dans La Mer, Keli Reule

All images used with permission, c. Keli Reule

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Maite Gomez-Rejon of Artbitesón-6121-5.04-PM.mp3

Episode 186: Today I talk to Maite Gomez-Rejon of Artbites. She has created such a fabulous career combining her two passions [and mine]; food and art into classes, exhibitions and writing. It is so cool, I wanted to find out how she does it.

The Matisse exhibition at the San Antonio Museum of Art
Cooking at the Matisse exhibition at the San Antonio Museum of Art