Listen as I talk Pura Vida life with Kristen England

Episode 561: Today I catch up with artist & gallery owner, Kristen England about her Galeria Pura Vida, in Costa Rica. She talks about how the gallery is a place for the people in her town to gather, cool off, take yoga, look at art, and just chill. Check out our first & second chats here.

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Connecticut filmmaker, Alessandro Andriulli & I chat about his courageous Open Letter project

Episode 556: Today I talk to Connecticut poet and filmmaker, Alessandro Andriulli about his Open Letter project. Alessandro suffered a childhood trauma and is taking back his power with this film. He is also empowering other victims. The film short is his poetry, choreography & dance with the Studio 860 dance company.

Alessandro is still raising funds for this project. You can Donate to Open Letter here, or keep up with the progress Open Letter on Instagram & the Open Letter Facebook Group.

All images used with permission.

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My chat with Italian photographer, Anna Ferrara

Episode 538: Listen as I chat with Italian figurative photographer, Anna Ferrara…all the way in Italy…. about her photographs and her inspirations. She takes me into her portrait studio where she explores the topic of solitude, finding it interesting how some find freedom in it and others find restriction. Her pictures seem to tell a story and you want to find out more.

Anna is also in the No Name Collective Gallery UK.

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Brooke and Lulu discuss Gabriele Munter’s Abstract, also known as Middle Light Blue, Oval

Welcome to our very first Gallery Gals chat, where Brooke and artist, Lulu Schwall discuss a piece of art they like. This was my pick, by 19th century artist Gabriele Munter, who worked with Kandinsky and the Blue Rider group. It’s called simply, Abstract, also known as Middle Light Blue, Oval.

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My Chat with artist & author, Scott Ginsberg, The Nametag Guy about marketing

Episode 215: Today I talk with Author, Speaker, strategist, inventor, singer/songwriter & movie maker, Scott Ginsberg. Scott is known as “The Nametag Guy” because he wears a nametag 24/7.

I’m still on my quest for the “Entrepreneurial Mindset,” and he shares some great insights about success, marketing, and thinking.

I was pleased to find out he actually created a whole toolkit for inspiration emergencies, Prolific is sure to get you out of your creative doldrums.

Tunnel of Love is presented as a serialized, episodic documentary. The movie’s centerpiece is a live concert, so he released each song as a stand alone chapter. Here’s the episode schedule.

Eyes Full Of Dreams is a musical and motivational masterclass about making use of everything you are.

Dreaming isn’t dead, it’s simply been forgotten. Removed from our language. Sentenced to obscurity. And so, the educational need isn’t schooling, it’s shedding.

Through in studio performances and inspiring urban footage, the film isn’t teaching people how to dream, but teaching people how to unlock the portals through which dreams can enter.

Check out Scott’s many books here.

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My chat with Charlotte Polymer Clay artist, Laura Brosi

Episode 212: Today I talk to Charlotte polymer clay artist, Laura Brosi. I catch up with her as she is getting ready to go see Jesus Christ Superstar. We talk cats, we talk clay, we talk process, we talk about why she specialized her practice to polymer. I wanted to get a shot of her dress, because it’s FAB-U-LOUS.

Before 1940, the term jeep was US army slang for new recruits or vehicles, but the World War II jeep that went into production in 1941 specifically referred to the light military vehicle – making them the oldest four-wheel drive mass production vehicles now known as SUVs.

Commission for SHRED Charlotte auction, Skatedeck Artshow benefits families of kids who are born with extraordinary medical conditions.
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My chat with Homeless Artist, David Tovey about how art saved his life

Episode 204: Today I talk to UK photographer, painter, and installation artist David Tovey about his how art literally saved his life. He went from being homeless and suicidal to finding purpose and sharing inspiration through art. You can now find his work at the Tate and Christies. [I found him at the Rochester Art Gallery in the UK].

From his Unknown Soldier film

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Stephanie Paige, Southern Californian abstract artist

Episode 159: Today I talk to Stephanie Paige. She’s an artist in Southern California. We talk art, we talk meditation circles, we talk Buddhism, we talk about attachments, & a whole lot more…

Dare, Stephanie Paige
Intuitive, Stephanie Paige

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