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Listen as I talk Pura Vida life with Kristen England

Episode 561: Today I catch up with artist & gallery owner, Kristen England about her Galeria Pura Vida, in Costa Rica. She talks about how the gallery is a place for the people in her town to gather, cool off, take yoga, look at art, and just chill. Check out our first & second chats here.

All images used with permission.

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Sandra Stark: Natural Still Lifes

Episode 64: Today I meet & chat with Howard Yezerski, of The Howard Yezerski Gallery in Boston, Massachusetts, about Sandra Stark’s  atypical artwork.  You’ll get to see my opinion change in real-time.

Eliot's Pot flowers squirrel

Eliot’s Pot, 2017, Archival digital prints, 23 x 20 in.

By Fire

By Fire, 2017, Archival digital prints, 18.5 x 25.5 inches

For Egon, Flora and Jeffrey meat bug watches necklaces

For Egon, Flora and Jeffrey, 2017,
Archival digital print,
25.25 x 18.25 inches

All images used with permission.

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