Alice de Miramon

I really dig this! Alice de Miramon did this fantastic painting. She says “it’s portrait of a portrait in an atelier who would look a little bit like mine.” This style is reminiscent of much of her work. It’s done in the same style with this same girl.

I had always thought that an Atelier was a school, so I was a bit confused at first. It turns out I was wrong. It’s a workshop. Now it makes a lot more sense! [I obviously didn’t pay attention in high school French].

Alice de Miramon is a French artist who was born in Dakar. She grew up in the North of France, and made frequent trips to U.S.A. She says they had a great effect on her. She became passionate at a very young age about drawing, stained glass, portraits and ancient books. This has a noticeable effect on her practice.

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