Angie Jones

I really dig this. This is the Luminous Opera Skull Sculpture by Angie Jones. It is also something I had no idea about…3D printing!

It is not a typical Christmas pick, but it’s perfect for the Mexican holiday, Day of the Dead, which was not too long ago. I love the snazzy pink! [Though she can print any color].

Angie says:

As part of my process, I explore form in the round through 3D imaging and 3D printed sculptures. I create a tangible object to bring the humanity back into art created digitally. I go the extra step to process the surface of the 3D prints with organic materials like oil paint instead of synthetic finishing. I find the uneven surfaces eerie and disturbing, and I like it because symmetry can be tedious. In general, humans gravity to symmetry as a goal for beauty, but for me imperfection is closer to nature and humanity. The imperfect polygonal surface is what the geometry for animation looks like when it has gone wrong. I add “the glitch” and deliberately fracture my objects and paintings to breed imperfections. The glitches also form a metaphor for how our current communications have become splintered.

Angie is a Saatchi artist and she lives and works in the US. If you dig this as much as I do, here is my link to purchase.

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