Andrea Vandoni

Andrea Vandoni, The Laughs

I really dig this! especially because coffee is my life force.

Andrea Vandoni has painted his whole life. His love grew out of visits to the nearby museums. He is also a musician and combines the two arts. He is inspired by life and many often his paintings become narrative of his own life.

He loves to paint human artifacts and interactions: Things humans use, and also ways humans behave. In a way, I guess you could describe him as an artistic archeologist.

“A figurative painting, therefore, of a relative, subjective, sometimes completely imaginary realism, defined as “super realism”. The means necessary to express the concepts in painting and give strength to their meaning is for him the beauty, beauty that he seeks.”

Andrea is in the Saatchi Gallery. He lives and works near Milan. If you dig this as much as I do, here is my link to purchase.

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