Ana Mutavdzic

Ana Mutavdzic

I am really digging this painting by Ana Mutavdzic. I love the blues. It looks like a city under the darkness of night. Everyone is fast asleep…. with a few lights on. [No doubt the insomniacs of the city].

I like this because it is so well done and there seems to be a story behind it. But you don’t have to understand or even know the story to appreciate it.

She says, I am driven by the feeling that with my brush I can convey my own understanding of the world to the canvas, the colours of my soul, my feelings and the way of life. It’s one of the things which make me paint all over again.

It’s an original painting: acrylic on canvas: no prints are available.

Ana is a Saatchi artist. She lives and works in Kragujevac, Sumadija, Serbia. If you dig this as much as I do, here is my link to purchase.|

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