Anna Matykiewicz

I love this!! I think that curiosity is, by far the most valuable trait to have. I consider myself a lifelong learner. But the noun version curio means a rare, unusual or intriguing object.

I first thought she was describing the subject of the painting as being curious, but in actuality, she is describing her as a curio.She is the interesting object.

Just a little twist, but interesting nonetheless.

This is ink on paper by Anna Matykiewicz. She does a lot of these and they are all fabulous!

After 10 years doing what the world would consider a “safe” career path, Anna took the plunge as a full-time artist and hasn’t looked back since.

She does portraits because she feels that is the best way to capture her inspirations and emotions

Even though they are portraits of other people, she says they mostly symbolize what is going on within herself which creates a direct link between the paintings and her life journey.

So in a sense you could call them all self-portraits.

Anna is a Polish artist who lives in Ireland. If you dig this as much as I do, here is my

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