Coup de Coeur

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I am always finding stuff that I love and hadn’t seen before. I wanted a way just to post different artists I am crushing on. Coup de Coeur literally translated, means “cut the heart,” in French. But the way the cool kids say it, it basically means “I dig this” in French. Discover & Enjoy! Many of them are available for purchase through Saatchi art. Click the name for more.

Todd Schulz, Mouse painting

original art for sale

Michael Khripin, Neighbor’s Garden 5 painting

David O’Connor, From Above 5 painting

original art for sale

Pedro Rodriguez Fernandez, Untitled painting

original art for sale

Cristina Castañeda Granja, Silence n. 9 painting

original art for sale

Cicero Spin, Injúria painting

original art for sale

Suren Nersisyan, Palm Trees on the Beach painting

Joshua Benmore, Just Go Back to the Sun artwork

Heather Goodwind, The Mirage painting

original art for sale

Michael Pfleghaar, Philodendron on Pink painting

original art for sale

Elyce Abrams, Flight painting

original art for sale

Natalia Turkowska, Floating painting

Veta Barker, Warm Evening painting

original art for sale

Rona Black, Bumblebee on Lavender photograph

original art for sale

Dominique Steffans, Dreams are my Reality painting

original art for sale

M. Mystery Artist, Remembering the Times by the Sea painting

original art for sale

Irena Orlov, Birth of an Idea open-edition print

art for sale

Izabella Hornung, Tall Girls Talking painting

Vanessa Rusci, ITALIANO; il latte e finito! photograph

original photography for sale

Nikki Galapon, Five by Five, number One painting

Vahe Yeremyan, Meadow Path painting

Perez-Arauna Garcia Abril, Atom II painting

Aibek Begalin, STRAWBERRIES painting

Swapna Namboodiri, Going Grey sclupture

Shahriar Aghakhani, The Beauty of Spring painting

Aasiri Wickremage, White Light painting

original art for sale

Maiia Tatsiy, Still Life With a Red Tomato… painting

Maiia Tatsy art for sale

Muriel Soriano, Patch of Blue painting

Vinay Barbar, A Sack Full of Vitamin C mixed media

Rebecca Silus, Lakeland painting

Rebecca Silus art for sale

Eli Kind, Evening Stroll painting

Lorand Sipos, Evening Lights painting

Lorand Sipos art for sale

Varaz Ohan, Untitled painting

Gulbahara Green, White Roses painting

gulbahara green art for sale

Bernhard Schmidt, February 1st Limited Edition photogram

Anna Radis, My Paris painting

Asia Djibirova, Picasso Beetle painting

Norayr Gevorgyan, Abstract in Blue painting

Anne Borchardt, Jan 27, 2019 drawing

Aibek Begalin, Waterlilies painting

The Most Active, Now You’ve Got Me painting

Kelly Grant, The Red Line painting

Maiia Tatsiy, Shaggy Bumblebee painting

Maiia Tatsy art for sale

Kenny Nguyen, Landscape 1 painting

kenny nguyen art for sale

Gulbahara Green, Blue Sky painting

Aasiri Wickremage, Relief painting

Vahe Yeremyan, Canyon View painting

Vahe Yeremyan art for sale

Christophe Krauss, Blue 37 painting

christophe Krauss art for sale

Vahe Yeremyan, Summer painting

Vahe Yeremyan art for sale

Oliver Rossdeutscher, E X T R A 7008 screenprint

Cris Xavier, Horizons 2 Collage

Joann Amitrano, Peaceful Snow painting

joann amitrano art for sale

Anemone, Finding Rothko 1 painting

Tatyana Gristes, In Lovely Morning painting

Maria Naples, Kiwi Closeup painting

Vinay Barbar, Greek Island painting

Vahe Yeremyan, Velvet Forest painting

Mark Antoni, Abstract in Pink painting

Nora Lemmon, Floral Collage Skins 2 painting

nora lemmon art for sale

Katie Daw, Rhythmic Bloom painting

katie daw art for sale

Oliver Rossdeutscher, Get Life in Pictures screenprint

Pierre-Yves Beltran, Cercles et Volumes painting


Luisa Sassen, Deep Blue painting

Luisa Sassen art for sale

Kelly Grant, Rainbow Bubbles painting

kelly grant art for sale

Nina Mitkova The First Snow 2 painting

Elaine Cordova EC, Ocean Scape 2 painting

Vitali Komarov, Forest River painting

Joanne Armitrano, FLY!! collage

Joann Amitrano art for sale

Aasiri Wickremage, Teahouse painting

Varaz Ohan, Conversation painting

Kelly Grant, Purple Rain painting

Vahe Yeremyan, Hill painting

Alexandra Wainer, Abandoned House painting

Juan Mildenberger, Feeling Good painting

Chon Jianzhe, Life Should Be painting

Elaine Cordova, Doors painting

Tammy Hardy, Brown Cow painting


Cris Xavier, Horizons Collage

The Most Active, There’s More Than Us painting

Mark Antoni, Springtime Painting

Mark antoni art for sale

Vahe Yeremyan, Pond Painting

Margaryta Verkhovets, Follow the Green painting

Margaryta Verkhovetsartforsale

Pierre-Yves Beltran, Ikebana, Source of Inspiration painting

Pierre Yves-Beltran art for sale

Lada Kholosho, Sunflower painting

Aleksandra Bouquillion, Time Machines painting

Marita Mendoza, White Llama painting

Marita Mendoza art for sale

Anne Borchardt, 3-March 3, 2017 painting

Stuart Lehrman, Prelude #14 painting

Daniel A du Preez, Untitled 111 painting

Anne Borchardt, October 7th, 2019 drawing

Willem Lotter, Daffodils Painting

William Lotter Art for sale

Heaing Art by Kee, Watemelon painting

Mattledo, Our Angst in the Middle of the Street painting

Mattledo art for sale

Zinaida Vysota Dacenko, City in the Sun painting

Kristina Kristiana, Tenderness painting

Kristina Kristiana art for sale

Kat Crosby, Continued on the Next Page painting

Kat Crosby art for sale

Asia Djiberovam, New Horizons painting

Louise Webber, Chester Basin painting

Louise Webber art for sale

Kristina Kristiana, Plants painting

Kristina Kristiana art for sale

Megan Cutler, Defenestration painting

Megan cutler art for sale

Robert Chartier, Oncore photography

Robert chartier art for sale

Wolfgang Alt, The Red Spot painting

Keddy A. Outlaw: Certain Adjustments collage

Keddy A. Outlaw art for sale

Deb Breton, Chelsea, Fashion District, West Village painting

deb breton art for sale

Gavin Waldron, Waiting for a Recital painting

Gavin Waldron art for sale

Yeachin Tsai, The Story of Four Circles painting

Yeachin Tsai art for sale

Michael Pfleghaar, Green Light painting

Elyse Abrams, Looking for the Rainbow painting

Elyse Abrams art for sale

Hans Juergen Diez, Ford I painting

Hans Juergen Diez art for sale

Jessica Rimondi, Choice painting

Todd Schulz, Geometric Emancipation painting

Daniela du Preez, 2 Fantasy Black Koi sculpture

Jim Harris, Untitled painting

Anne Borchardt, May 4th, 2016-5 painting

Anne Borchardt art for sale

Shellie Garber, Chasing Butterflies painting

Bridget Davies, Puffed Sleeves painting

Michael Pfleghaar, Pumo Jar painting

michael pfleghaar art for sale

Gregory Radionov, Waimea Bay, Oahu Hawaii painting

Gregory Radionov art for sale

Benedicte Gele, Face to Face 3A painting

Benedicte Gele art for sale

Federico Cortese, Little View of San Francisco painting

Diana Omarova, One Sunset, Two Sailboats painting

Maria Bacha, Lagoon Nebula painting

Isaiah Moore, Layers of Time painting

Isaiah Moore art for sale

Jolina Anthony, Organic Part 2# painting

jolina anthony art for sale

Bazévian DelaCapucinière, Still Life Lemon Starwars

Zinaida V. Dacenko, Ashen Cat painting

ziaida dacenko art for sale

Liz Mares, Lay Claim painting

Liz mares art for sale

Katie Collins, Nowhere Collage

Katie Collins art for sale

Misako Chida, Romance on My Menu painting

Misako Chida art for sale

Acqua Luna, Lauren Becall Photograph

Aleksander Lukic, Guinea Fowl painting

Aleksander Lukic art for sale

Jingshen You, Waterlily 143 painting

JIngshen You art for sale

Alina Skorokhod, Boho Roses in Vase painting

Alina Skorokhod art for sale

Mary Robertson, New Kicks painting

Ariana Cherry, My Secret Hideaway drawing

Ariana Cherry art for sale

Zinaida Dacenko, Morning London painting

zinaida dacenko art for sale

Susan Walsh, Grasp the Birds Tail drawing

Susan walsh art for sale

Vahe Yeremyan, Waterlilies painting

Vahe Yeremyan art for sale

Tamila Vdovina, Glimpse drawing

Geesien Postema, Ray of Light painting

Geesien Postema art for sale

Misako Chida, Take Me to Cloud Nine painting

Misako Chida art for sale

Natalia Sanchis Martinez, Croissant painting

Olivia Howard, Depth Painting

Viktoriia Popova, Cornflower painting

Viktoriia Popova art for sale

Misako Chida, Good, Bad, Who Knows painting

Misako Chida art for sale

Susan Walsh, Single Whip drawing

Susan walsh art for sale

Nadia Vysochanskaya, Honeybee painting



Andrei Voica, Cliffs of Etretat painting

Andrei Voica art for sale

Karri Allrich, Black Ice painting

Karri Allrich art for sale

Jill Ann Harper, Red Shutters painting

Jill Ann Harperart for sale

Doug Cosbie, Ontario Farms painting

Phillip Shields, Curved River Painting

Philip Shields art for sale

Yolanda Cottrell, Homage to Klimt painting

Yolanda Cottrell art for sale

Philip Eidenberg-Noppe, Wedge Red Photograph

Philip E. Noppe art for sale

Ian Males, London #20 drawing

Ian Males art for sale

Ion Sheremet, Red Sweet Pepper painting

Ion Sheremet art for sale

Andrea Doering, In City…Painting

Andrea Doering art for sale

Preston M. Smith, By the Sea painting

Preston M Smith Art for sale

MariAnna “Mo” Warr, Winter’s Tale painting