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Badrig art for sale

I totally dig this single edition Horizontal Composition by Badrig. It is one of a kind limited edition print and it is awesome. It is playful and fun. It reminds me a little of the “futuristic” computer graphics we used to see in the 80s.

Badrig says, The essential part of my creative process, focuses on the use of digital technology.
I create my works, either directly by drawing and creating compositions virtually, or by using external sources such as images of my traditional works (paintings and photographies) that I like to manipulate. I finally use software to provide the final touch and get the desired effects.

He sells mainly Single Edition Prints (1/1) and some Limited Edition Prints of 3 or 5. There are also a selection of Open Edition affordable Prints.

Please keep in mind that his prints are original artworks. Single & Limited Edition Prints all come with a CoA.

Badrig is in the Saatchi gallery. He lives and works in France.

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