Misako Chida

I really dig this Swing, Swing, Swing painting., by Misako Chida. For one thing, it brings to mind an album I liked in college, Swing, Swang, Swung. But that is neither here nor there. Just an aside. I like the colors, the texture, the composition.

Misako started painting on her own at the age of 30. I dig that as well. I like late-bloomers. So often in the arts longevity is stressed. Like you have to have been doing this since you were a child. I always love it when I find an artist for whom art was not even on their radar until much later in life.

Over the years, she has painted many landscapes, women, religious figures, flowers, and more. Her current passion in art is to create more of her modern abstract works, in which she mainly focuses on expressing the sense of flow and purity of colors. It is her devotion and happiness to keep creating new artworks in continuous experiments and bring joy and pleasure to the viewers through her art.

Misako is a Saatchi artist. She lives and works in Dalian, China, where she has been participating in various art competitions and exhibitions and happily painting every day in her studio.

If you dig this as much as I do, here is my

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