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I really dig this Wonderful Mixture of Geometric and Organic Shapes painting by Heidi Capitaine.

I love the composition and color interplay. The shapes are happy and playful.

Heidi says.

My paintings are developing at the moment.
Sometimes I draw a few simple sketches developing ideas, or finding what remained hidden. Most ideas however arise while painting.
The power of colors and their interplay, rhythm and direction, all these elements flow together in a dynamic whole, which is progressing. Both, shapes and colors do have symbolic characters. Blue for example stands for water, the sky and the distance. I like to play with these elements.
The results are complex. Abstract images are emerging which are challenging your perspectives and fantasies.

She says the shapes remind her of vegetables combined with geometric forms are lightly and elegantly woven into a multi-dimensional pattern.

They remind me of cookies.

Heidi is in the Saatchi gallery. She lives and works in Germany.

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