Richard Diebenkorn, Ocean Park #79

I really dig this Ocean Park #79 painting by Abstract Expressionist, Richard Diebenkorn. I have always loved his work with his “zips” [lines] and drips of paint. He is famous for his abstract landscapes. He often listened to Bach and Mozart while he painted his own symphonies of color.

I had never heard of the Ocean Park series. I love the cool colors and his usual geometric, layered style, with a warm light. He was inspired by the light in the west coast. This was painted when he lived in Santa Monica. He numbered them all.

I love it that such peaceful, tranquil paintings were painted during the height of political and societal unrest. These were painted in the late 60s, when there was turmoil over the Vietnam war and two major assassinations, Martin Luther King Jr and Robert Kennedy. In the midst of all of this he portrays what one curator calls a “riotous calm” in his paintings.

It’s as if he transports us to warm, sunny, care-free, Santa Monica in the midst of strife. These are definitely paintings I like to look at when I’m down. It definitely changes my outlook and perspective.

He died in 1993.

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