Melissa McGill

Melissa McGill art for sale

Ok, so I KNEW that I would dig this piece, Brookings, by Melissa McGill. I remembered that there was a verb form of the work brook, which means to tolerate or to put up with something unpleasant. At first glance, I just assumed that was the reference.

I couldn’t seem to make sense of it. I just didn’t get it…..until I looked a little closer that it’s Brookings, Oregon. [which I didn’t know was a place].

Life lesson: reading is a very useful skill.

So this painting is an abstracted rendition of the coastline of Brookings, Oregon. I really dig the cool blues.

Melissa McGill is an illustrator, turned painter. She is inspired by the natural world. She lives and works in the US. She says After 15 years of interpreting other peoples ideas as a commercial illustrator, painting is a joyful interpretation of my life experience.

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