Claude Monet, Jar of Peaches, 1866

Claude Monet Art

I really dig this Jar of Peaches painting by the father of Impressionist art, Claude Monet. He did this in 1866, well before his Waterlilies series, that he is so known for.

I have been studying Monet for a project I’m doing and got a chance to really look at his career pre-impressionism. In fact, you could almost say that his paintings are super-realist, and looks pretty darn close to a photograph.

It’s interesting he started doing his Impressionistic pieces when he was losing his eyesight. It must of felt like he was losing his world… All he had known, all he had worked for. He couldn’t have known that today, hundreds of years later, it would be the pieces he created while almost blind that would make him a legend.

I love this because it shows another side to Monet and it makes me appreciate his genius even more. Not even blindness could hold him back!

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