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I am so digging this charcoal drawing, Whippet Landscape by Donalee Peden Wesley. It is actually charcoal, pastel, conte crayon and graphite on paper. This is one in a series of Whippets. You can really see the personality of the dogs. They come to life!

As a dog owner, I can really appreciate the “realness” of the dogs in her drawings. Donalee likes to explore the depths and subtleties of the human/animal relationship. Even though she is conveying unique personalities and relationships, it’s easy enough to put my own narrative on the drawing.

I wanted to use the dog as a landscape , the back seemed as a rolling hill . This is the first in a series of dog and horse as landscape.

Donalee lives and works in Marcellus, NY. She is in the Saatchi gallery. If you dig this as much as I do, here is my “>link to purchase.

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