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Pierre-Yves Beltran, Ikebana. Source of Inspiration

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I really dig this Ikebana. Source of Inspiration painting by French artist, Pierre-Yves Beltran. It’s acrylic on paper I love the simplicity and the sparseness of it. The colors are fab also.

He created this work according to Japanese floral art: IKEBANA. This is part of a new series titled : ” Ikebana Art and Life “.

The four principles of ikebana are a fresh approach, movement, balance and harmony. The three elements are line, color and mass.

Pierre says, What matters to me is to share my emotion, my thoughts, my eyes on the world. I paint as we tell personal or imaginary stories.The most important thing is to convey this sensitivity, through shapes, colors. I often work in series because I like to explore each subject, to use new pictorial techniques, to discover new artistic expressions. I wonder about the form and the idea to be transmitted:figurative as well as abstract. It does not matter the choice of expression, the colors will be warm and the contrasts intense.

Pierre is in the Saatchi gallery. He lives and works in Aix en Provence in France. If you dig this as much as I do, here is my special link to purchase.

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