Stefano Mazzolini

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I really dig this Csid painting by Stephano Mazzolini. I honestly don’t know what Csid refers to, but the description says In the depths of any man and woman the experience of life grows and wisdom emerges every instant always manifests itself in different forms…and I can totally dig that.

[I did Google Csid and came up with nothing that seemed to correlate.]

So, the image caught my eye. I was intrigued with it’s composition and then really liked and related to the description. The title is still a puzzle, but that just makes it all the more interesting. He’s got a cool technique where he combines painting and sculpture that is very unique.

Stephano Mazzolini is a painter, but he found that by cutting his canvases and superimposing them, he could build the painting into sculpture. He had previously worked in art restoration, so the knowledge of those techniques has served him very well as he applies the method of tearing the painting in a decorative version, pours of resins and metallic acrylics, mixed he obtains fabrics, colored leathers that he applies on canvas. to create his form of art.

He creates a new conception of sculpture, highly saturated with sacredness, human and alien figures, stylized silhouettes, always suspended between the sacred and the profane, draping to form characters out of the past and revisited in a modern way. With sculpture, a new awareness of lived experience has been achieved in a new imaginary future perspective of our future.

Stefano is a Saatchi artist. He lives and works in Parma, Italy. If you dig this as much as I do, here is my

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