J.M.W. Turner, Petworth the Drawing Room

jwm turner art

I am really digging this Petworth, the Drawing Room by English painter JMW Turner. Turner spent a lot of time at Petworth, which was a beautiful mansion, open to the public, set along the English countryside. He spent many days there capturing the magnificent landscapes with his brush. It was a beautiful place, both inside and out.

He’s got many paintings of the landscapes, but this watercolor of the drawing room caught my eye. I love the detail and perspective of the individual paintings.

I was first introduced to Turner when I was studying Hugh Lane. I had never heard of him, but I’ve been a fan ever since. This was done in 1828. It’s amazing to think that his work was so pure even without all of our modern fancy tools. Just breathtaking. It hangs in the British Museum in London.

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