Clara Tice, Vaudevillian: Mary Nash

clara tice art

I really dig this line sketch of 1916 Vaudevillian actress, Mary Nash by Clara Tice. I love how it is almost like a scrawl. I love it’s simplicity. She did this for Vanity Fair.

Clara is a notable Dada artist. She also illustrated for Vanity Fair and for children’s books. Her drawings are simple, yet definite. She was an influencer before we even knew what that was. She was the first to wear her hair in a bob and a unique clothing style. Because of her provocative art and public appearances, she was seen as representative of bohemian Greenwich Village. They called her “The Queen of Greenwich Village.”

Mary Nash may be best known for playing villains in two notable Shirley Temple films, first as Fraulein Rottenmeier in Heidi (1937) and then as Miss Minchin in The Little Princess (1939).

She was often cast as seemingly mild-mannered women who turned vicious when challenged.

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