Meredith B, Mint Shores painting

Meredith B art

I really dig this Mint Shores painting by Indianapolis artist, Meredith B. I love the midnight blue. I love the “feel” of the picture. It has amazing texture and It reminds me of the break of a new, fresh day.

Meredith is a self-taught artist who found herself comforted by art throughout a rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis and subsequent chemotherapy.

As a result, perhaps, she recognizes the beauty in her life; loved ones, music, fellow artists she admires, and the cities she has experienced through traveling; and she is inspired by it.

“My hope is not be seen, but be experienced. With each new piece I share a little part of myself and I look forward to the day it makes an honest, emotional connection with another.” 

If you dig this as much as I do, here is my link to purchase.

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