Romare Bearden, Mother and Child, 1977

romare bearden art

I really dig this Mother and Child lithograph by Romare Bearden. This is a limited edition print of a collage he did in 1977. I have never seen this particular one before. I have really gotten into Romare Bearden, only recently, which is strange because he was born in Charlotte and I’ve grown up around the Romare Bearden park. It is actually sold by an art gallery that I used to live down the street from; the Jerald Melberg Gallery.

I love his collages. I’m wasn’t really sure the difference between collage and mixed media, but just found out that he actually affixed images done that he had done in gouache, watercolors and oil paints onto one canvas or paper. So it make a lot more sense to me. It is such a great look!

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