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I really dig this In Praise of Folly 1 painting by Giuliano Premier. It caught my eye because I went through a humanist phase where I was reading a lot of Erasmus‘s works, including the one this is named after. In Praise of Folly is a satire which makes fun of the foolishness of man.

This is an original piece. It’s an illustration that can be left open to your interpretation. The picture depicts four people who are basically doing their own thing; which is representative of our current world. Each is immersed in their own thing; you’ve got the guy doing yoga, the woman who looks like she’s jogging or something, and the mother entranced at whatever is over the railing. Except for the child, no one is paying the least amount attention to anyone else.

He did this piece in oil, pencil, and ballpoint pen. It is a conversation starter, for sure.

Giuliano chose illustration because he likes to portray ill-defined narrative circumstances to show the perplexities and absurdities of life, as a way to engage and provoke thought. He says that the work is intended to perhaps mildly amuse, intrigue or just delay the viewer. It pays homage to satire, caricature and cartoon. I vaguely appropriate on occasions, for a visual language which helps to interrogate the state of our world and our place in it. I punctuating ideas, as do photojournalists or street artists, but leave ample space for interpretation.

He’s actually got a whole series of these. Giuliano is in the Saatchi gallery. He lives and works in the UK.

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