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I really dig this El Loco painting by Meneer Stilfanti. This is an original piece. I can’t stop looking at those eyes!

El Loco, the crazy man, is a stereotype of person. his eyes are staring at your soul while his wise words come out of a blue hence truthful mouth.
El Loco, el Choco y el Mono is a pseudo series in which I categorize humans in three horizontal typologies.

Meneer says that when he first started painting the most important thing for me was to see the shadow of myself reflected in the curvature of this planet.

He is a “self-teaching” artist who translates on canvas his uncertain conclusions about how life and world work. He tries not to limit himself to techniques or a particular medium.

My artworks reflect the consciousness of our limitations as human beings and the endurance of my own boundaries as human being.

Meneer is in the Saatchi gallery. He lives and works in Guimar, Spain.

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