Corey Barksdale, Godfather of Harlem, 2021

Corey Barksdale art

I really dig this Godfather of Harlem mural by Corey Barksdale. He did this in on commission in 2021 for Godfather of Harlem an American crime drama television series on Epix. 

I think this is so cool. Just one example of the niches in the art business. Someone’s got to do the paintings in popular movies and tv shows. They don’t just happen….and they have to be bought.

Corey grew up in an artistic family in Nashville. He specializes in figures, as well as non-objective abstract art. You can see his work on all sorts of media; books, cds, movies, etc.

He believes very strongly in giving back, providing art education to his community. He lives and works in Atlanta.

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