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Kat Crosby, Circling Back Around Again #3 painting

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I really dig this Circling Back Around #3 mixed media painting, by US artist, Kat Crosby. It’s acrylic on canvas. I see the circling scribbles in the background. The overlaying paint reminds me a little of the tulle used to make tutus.

I like the idea of circling back around again, as its something I do often with my projects. She has 3 of these, so she must do it too!

This is a playful painting. She says she always names her paintings as she’s doing them, by what occurred whilst she was painting

Kat incorporates a number of media into her paintings. This original abstract on canvas was created with acrylic paints, colored pencils, markers and graphite as many of my abstract pieces are since she started in 2009.

She signed it ‘KATCHI’, this is a nickname which derives from an old Louisiana Indian term for ‘loving touch’. I started signing my more playful pieces this way. It is signed ‘Kat Crosby’ on the back along with the title and date created.

Kat is in the Saatchi gallery, She lives and works in Louisiana. If you dig this as much as I do, here is my special link to purchase.

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original art for sale

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