Will O'Keefe art for sale

OMG! Mind blown! I really dig this. 3iz1 is an installation. I always thought an installation was a permanent outdoor sculpture. I guess artists do installations inside galleries and museums, but I never would have thought of furniture as being fine art, but why not? Now I really want this for my home!

It’s made with Metal, Paint, Lights, Timber on Wood, Steel, Plastic.

Will lives with his wife and 2 daughters [he says this is why he has no hair]. He makes all sorts of unique pieces in the form of paintings and furniture with art. From the materials he finds and gets given he merging the elements to create something completely new and fun. Taking his inspiration from many of the creative fields architecture, art and design plus a wide variety of different movements and genres. For Will like with a lot of artists it’s about the process, being free to just create. The pieces he creates are made mainly from wood, metal and paint ranging from the functional to the non-functional installation pieces.

Inspired by my passion for Art and Furniture Design I like to create pieces that are a mixture of the two mediums. Some of my creations are conceptual but this one is a bit more interactive and functional. I want the viewer to feel joy, like it’s something they’ve never seen before.

Will is a Saatchi artist. He lives and works in the UK. If you dig this as much as I do, here is my