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I really dig this The fatal look back, Lots wife stood as though rooted to the spot print by Georg Heider. It reminds me of the felt board pictures of Bible stories we had in Sunday School, except WAY better. It’s almost as if Paul Klee had done it. The original is on glass.

This is one of a number of pieces inspired by Bible stories by Georg. In this one God is destroying Sodom. Lot and his family are allowed to flee. Lot’s wife, famously looks back and is turned to a pillar of salt. I’ve always wondered about that verse. It seems pretty harsh. I know I would probably try to get a last glimpse before fleeing. But interpretations of the Torah say that she was looking back, longing for that way of life.

The message Georg is trying to convey is to never look back, always look forwards!

Georg is in the Saatchi gallery. He lives and works in Spain.

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