Suzanne Vaughan

Suzanne Vaughan art for sale

I really dig this Rising Warmth painting by Suzanne Vaughan. It reminds me of a warm summer day. I can literally feel the warmth emitting from it, like the sun. I’m probably drawn to it because it’s been so cold recently.

I also love the texture of it. It looks like orange foliage, which really does shimmer.

Rising Warmth is a 30″h x 24″w fresh minimal color-field oil painting from the Shimmer Series. With a rich golden color palette injected with accents of silver paint, it has an ethereal quality, like a shimmering oasis. Anchored at the base with deep rich saturated color, it radiates upwards to the light as if evaporating into the ether. To the place where the mind expands, where dreams are made, and where anything is possible.

Suzanne lives and works in Portland, Oregon, but still takes influence from the New Zealand light and weather patterns.

She is in the Saatchi gallery. If you dig this as much as I do, here is my

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