Deborah Stevenson

Wow! This one is heavy! But I can’t get it out of my head!

This is supposed to represent the loss of childhood and the victimization of children. I would be lying if I said it didn’t kind of tear me up, but the look on the child’s face in the picture says it all.

I have visions of children who were not allowed to be children for any number of reasons: abuse, neglect, parents with unreasonable perfectionist standards they place on their children.

It makes me very grateful for my childhood, but very sad for those I know who didn’t have that experience.

The quote I found for her wouldn’t fit on the picture, so I’ll include it here.

“The work arises in an ‘automatic’ way; I do not set out with an objective or goal in my mind when I sit down to make something. The images compose themselves spontaneously as I mix and move the masses of paper around on the table in front of me. I feel as though my eyes and hands facilitate the ‘arrival’ of the pictures that I make. More than anything else, the process requires of me that I pay attention, and to be in a receptive state, so as to be ready to capture the dialogue.”

Like I said, very heavy. I’ll pick a happier picture tomorrow.

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