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Luna Smith art for sale

I really dig this Odyssey painting by Luna Smith. I love the colors. I love the brushstrokes. The texture is top notch.

She says.

We go through a long wandering and eventful journey through our lives. We discover our strengths and weaknesses, our Gods and Goddesses, desires and fears. We pray, and we curse. We eat, and we dream. We give up and fail, and rise each time. We want to see another sunrise, another smile, and another challenge of the day. Our adventures never end.

Luna is in the Saatchi gallery. She lives and works in Scotland.

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  1. lunasmithart – I am a painter who can see music. When I listen to music, every sound, every rhythm has a unique colour and texture. I see melody dancing, changing like the northern lights in the sky. My brushstrokes aspire to capture every note. My soul hypnotises in the unique painting style.
    Luna Smith says:

    Hi, Brooke. I was just scrolling through the web and came across your blog. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about art. Lots of Love, Luna Smith.

    1. Hi Luna. Thanks so much!! I love your work…b

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