Pierre Condo

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I really dig this Flowers painting, by Pierre Condo! The composition and the colors immediately grabbed me. Then when I read the description, I was hooked!

Through my paintings, I discuss artists such as Nicolas de Staël who worked diligently to support his family during great financial uncertainty in the first half of the 20th century, both in Europe and in the United States. English painter David Bomberg, in a comparable situation, worked hard as an artist yet also struggled to find stable work to support he and his wife. Both artists provide the framework for my work, both formally and philosophically.

The Condo Series consists of 366 still life paintings of flowers, thematically after David Bomberg’s Flowers series. Bomberg created a series of still life flower paintings as a means of lifting himself out of depression and into a new sense of hope during a long season of unemployment. Compositionally, my paintings borrow from Nicolas de Staël’s heavy application of pure oil paint, thickly applied to create texture and very little blending.

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