Golriz Rezvani

Golriz Rezvani art for sale

I really dig this Clock Puncher drawing by Golriz Rezvani. I envision the man is on his 10 minute or lunch break, anxiously grabbing his coffee and a few moments of respite from his day. I know when I have been in that frame of mind, punching the clock seemed like an all too real possibility.

Unfortunately, I have [and do] fall victim to that mentality. It helps when I reframe the job as a stepping stone to getting where I want to be. It is a necessary step to my present and future success.

I am interested in creating a surreal world that narrates the day to day life.

One of her main goals is to avoid making big philosophical statements through her practice. She targets people who don’t have any art education or knowledge. She believes it’s her responsibility to enhance people’s level of visual art’s understanding. She doesn’t like to make statements. Rather, she leaves room for the audience to have their own interpretations. This way they can look and figure out/make up their own stories. “I can depict deeper context with visual elements than words and that’s why I chose painting as my artistic language” she has said.

Gloriz is in the Saatchi gallery. She lives and works in Canada. If you dig this as much as I do, here is my

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