August Macke, The Hat Shop

August Macke

I really dig this The Hat Shop Expressionist painting by German artist, August Macke. It was done in 1914, during the Victorian Era, a time when most could not enjoy the time just to stroll leisurely down the street looking in shop windows…and even fewer could enter and presume to purchase.

This may be why August Macke was so inspired by the leisure activities of others. He was very interested in what they were doing. He captured their activities in bold, bright colors, in his true Expressionist style. It was that style that attracted his fans, rather than the actual content he was painting. [He could have probably painted anything in those bright colors and people would have bought it].

This was one of his last paintings he did before he died in WW1. It is in the Folkwang Museum in Essen, Western Germany.


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