Tim Hallinan

I really dig this Untitled No. 198 painting by Tim Hallinan. I find the simplicity very beautiful and I like the presentation of something ordinary as fine art. I think the change in perspective is really cool!

Geometric abstract acrylic painting on plywood inspired by the weathered exterior walls of urban architecture.

In my compositions I like to experiment with various media and subject matter. I often begin a painting with a general idea of what I want to do. Often this idea is based in reality, such as architecture or the larger urban environment. Other paintings may be based simply on an idea for a color scheme or a geometric composition. Only after a few attempts, however, does the idea become clearer to me. Rather than simply start over on a new canvas or board as the idea develops, I will scrape away old and add new layers of paint on top of prior compositions. I continue with this process until the painting I have been aiming for appears on the surface. The act of scraping away and adding layers will sometimes take my idea in a completely new direction resulting in a painting which only vaguely resembles my original intention. These layers represent my thought process, reveal past versions of the work and ultimately make up the final composition.

Tim lives and works in Boston, Mass. If you dig this as much as I do, here is my

320x50 Live & Travel with your Pet