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Phil Bowers, Moon Circles painting

I really dig this Moon Circles portrait of The Who’s drummer, Keith Moon by UK artist, Phil Bowers. It’s acrylic on canvas. I love the elegant simplicity. I love the starkness of black and white. I love the subject: 60s era pop and music.

And I do love The Who….though I did have to ask my boyfriend who this was 😉 Won’t get fooled again, trust me.

I love the blasts from the past. This is a part of his Black and White Stripes collection. All of his pieces look just like the ads from that time, which I used to collect when I was younger.

He has worked as a freelance travel photographer in Asia for 8 years, where he developed his love for pop art combining his 60’s pop culture.

Phil is in the Saatchi gallery. He lives and works in St. Albans, UK. If you dig this as much as I do, here is my link to purchase.

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original art for sale


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