Kasia Derwinska

OMG! This is photograph deliciously dark…in a good way, though. It’s called Memories are made of Moments and it brings flashbacks of any move I ever had. I have memories of going through old things and experiencing the memories attached to them. They are powerful.

I am what my boyfriend calls a hoarder, because I like to hold on to things, just so I can remember. This piece reminds me that the memories aren’t made of things that take up space, but rather moments.

Kasia Derwinska is a self-taught photographer. She is inspired by her childhood dreams and through her paintings tries to connect them to reality.

She says:

My work is an attempt to connect substantiality of the world that surrounds us with elusiveness of feelings and thoughts. For that reason I describe my creations as building a bridge between the visible and the invisible.

This is a limited edition of 20, but prints are also available.

Kasia is in the Saatchi gallery. If you dig this as much as I do, here is my link to purchase.

320x50 Live & Travel with your Pet

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