Manuel Izquierdo

Wow! I was not expecting this! I was searching for a sculpture to feature today, just to mix it up. I had momentarily forgotten that sculptures don’t necessarily have to be made out of clay. When I found this, I knew I had to feature it! I was so delighted! It is so unique and so different.

You may not be able to tell from this picture that it’s 3D. It’s actually wood on iron. I love the color and the haphazard way the blocks are laid.

This is a part of a series by Manuel Izquierdo. He has lots of similar ones, which are all great! He is self-taught, which I think is amazing. It just proves that you don’t need an MFA to be a successful artist.

He lived and worked in Spain. He passed away in 2009. Here’s my link to purchase.

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