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I am really digging this Think No More painting by Marsotti Karssis! The composition is amazing and the title is even more so.

When I first looked at it, I saw what seemed like a little angel, or child crouching in the front, but when I looked closer, it was a beautiful flower!

As an over thinker, myself, I can totally relate to her inspiration.

Oil on canvas. A gestural, action piece leaving bare canvas exposed and paint running with the intention of being real. Pallets of greys, beige, brown and whites interrupted by a bold coral, orange red. ‘Think no more’ is a small attempt I made while I was warming up to the idea of working on my next and first large piece ‘try to see it my way’. It was about time to think no more. To trust that I had all the knowledge needed to go for it in full action. I took this 60x80cm canvas and went at it with no thinking and as fast as I could! There it was…the result and feeling I was going for all along. A freeing process like no other to allow yourself to act with absolutely no thought for a few minutes! For me as an over thinker that’s a tough thing to do, but I did it with this piece and now I’m never going back!

Marsotti is in the Saatchi gallery. She is a Canadian who lives and works in Greece.

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