Zin Lim

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I really dig this pastel piece, Allegro NO. 125 by Zin Lim. Pastels are so soft, [like chalk], that I can’t imagine making such a photo-realist work, like this with them.

Zin Lim is inspired by the human being and believes that fine art is one of the best ways to observe, interpret and express what he believe about people.

He currently has three different series. The ID series, he draws people he remembers. The NOMAD series, he draws life with ever-changing identity, and the ALLEGRO series is a visual improvisation as a dance in a carnival. In ALLEGRO series, I let the most primitive medium, charcoal leave trace of my impression by tracking the same path where my eyes move around figure.

Zin Lim is a Saatchi artist. He lives and works in South Korea. You can see some of production video of his artworks on his YouTube channel, ‘zinlimpresent’. and upcoming works at Instagram.com/zinlimart .

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