Eugenie Diserio, Garden of Grace

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I really dig this Garden of Grace painting by Eugenie Diserio. I can just smell the floral aroma from the garden.

I also like the concept of grace. Grace in the sense of beauty, like in ballet; and also in the sense of extending grace to others. I also like thinking about God’s grace. I always said that If I had a daughter, I’d name her Grace.

Eugenie is a yogi, so is no stranger to physical grace. She also takes the yoga mentality to her art and considers the painting process to be transcendental.

“You lose your sense of time and space and suspend in the present moment and vision. 
Ultimately, I hope my paintings create a pause for the viewer to refresh and reboot.”

After experimenting with conceptual and performance art, she co-formed the seminal 80’s art rock bands, Model Citizens, The Dance and Chandra, whose music continues to be licensed and sampled in films and recordings today.

In the late 90’s, she founded the astrology website Astronet.  With her persona Genie Easy, she was named an Internet content pioneer, a “Dot-Com Diva” and one of Harvard Business School’s Top 10 Entrepreneurs of the Year.

From all of her diverse ventures, she has learned to trust and follow intuition during the journey of a creative project.
“The universe is rigged in our favor for finding resolution. Recognize the signs that are leading you home.” she says.

Eugenie is in the Saatchi gallery. She lives and works in Connecticut.

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