Stuart Lehrman, Prelude #14 painting

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I really dig this Prelude #14 painting by US artist Stuart Lehrman. Its acrylic art on paper. It’s so colorful and abstract.

I was viewing this after a particularly long and tedious day at work and just found refreshment for my soul. i didn’t want to make sense of anything. I just wanted it to wash over me.

Stuart says, My process involves working to a place where I am losing control of the painting. I strain to hear an interior alphabet that leaks out; a language that I have to relearn and translate every time I start on a new work. Then with focused desperation struggling back from that moment to achieve an emotional balance that is spontaneous and natural. The gestures, marks & color – free of the dependence on figure or object, like music tell no stories, illustrate nothing, and launch no myths. I work to evoke the incommunicable, where dream becomes spirit, where line becomes thought, where color becomes existence.

Sounds about right.

Stuart is in the Saatchi gallery. He lives and works in the US. If you dig this as much as I do, here is my link to purchase.

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