Jeff Koons Play-Doh

Jeff Koons art

I really dig this Play-doh sculpture by Jeff Koons. It takes me back to my childhood, when I used to play with it. The texture… the colors…the smell…

He did this in 2014, inspired by his son who did a similar sculpture on a much smaller scale. He was so taken with the way his son presented it to him… so proud. He couldn’t conceive of anything besides acceptance.

Koons has said that he tries to “make objects that you can’t make any judgements about.” But I judge it as awesome!!

This is the most complex of his sculptures. It measures 120 × 108 × 108 in. It required more feats of engineering and took the longest to produce. It is composed of 27 individual pieces of aluminum that fit together perfectly.

It is at the Whitney Museum of American Art in NYC.

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