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I really dig this Of Old Herbarium collage by Elena Stroganova. This is a unique piece that is truly one of a kind. This is the original.

I love the texture of the piece. It looks like scraps of cloth, but it is paper.

Elena was born in Moscow, Russia. She likes collage because it is a joyful, bright, magical art, full of new forms and colors, a combination of traditional images and those that hardly can exist.

She says Collage helps to have a closer look at the surrounding world, to see something unusual in it and re-discover the extraordinary richness of the Universe and the human imagination.

In the digital age, she prefers to literally cut and paste traditional items to her collages. She doesn’t use Photoshop. All of her pieces are originals.

Her art has been featured in the Self Help Emergency Room series, as well as several exhibitions around the world.

Just an interesting tidbit: She says that collage is officially born in China and then developed in Medieval Europe. It takes its name from the French coller, meaning to glue.

Elena is in the Saatchi gallery. She lives and works in Canada.

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