Mr. Artsy

OMG this is so fun! I completely dig this! Mr. Artsy does his work on canvas this time and it’s fabulous! Love the idea… the composition…the look. I mean, how creative is this?

He says,

My work is varied. Expressive or soft in color and brush action. How I feel and what impressions come at a certain moment.

Abstract art and popart can alternate or overlap. I work mainly on paper. Paper, acrylic paint and watercolor. Sometimes I work on canvas, but paper lends itself more to watercolor and ink.

In my childhood my parents took me to the Stedelijk museum and the Rijks museum. The early passion for art and design has arisen. Especially modern art in the city of Amsterdam was very exiting. Work by Barnett Newman, Willem de Kooning, was there to see live. The real paintings. And of course ANDY WARHOL…

To this day, this is a source of inspiration. I work abstractly and figuratively. Work has been purchased in the Netherlands and abroad.

Mr. Artsy lives and works in the Netherlands.

320x50 Live & Travel with your Pet

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