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I really dig this Spring Breeze painting by Jana Stok. She says its one that she created during April quarantine.

I love the simplicity. I love the colors and I love it that it really does look like a spring breeze.

Jana is a fashion designer and stone designer, by trade. She doesn’t limit herself to one medium. She is a painter and a photographer.

She prefers working with acrylic paints in both painting and graphic art. She likes the monotype technique, where she obtains an impression which she turns into a collage.

She uses her own art for collage elements, paintings, graphic prints and drawings. Jana considers collage as an infinitely interesting play of research, design, cutting, searching for correlations and combining. She says that her play still needs to follow the rules of artistic syntax.

Jana Stok is in the Saatchi gallery. She lives and works in Slovenia.

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